Training Center

Scrubfly Training Center is organizing trainings and workshops designed for healthcare professionals willing to start a career in the field of Home Health services.

For professional nurses, continuing education is essential to safe and effective nursing care. The amount of knowledge required to take care of critically ill patients cannot be obtained simply through experience on the unit or at the bedside. 

Interacting with the varying skill levels will allow you to be educator and educated. This type of networking with peers is a great way to stay connected with the latest healthcare trends to better take care of your patients, which should be the ultimate goal.

Subjects discussed on our trainings:

  • Forms and techniques of Home Health and Hospice documentation
  • Overview of laws and government regulations regarding Home Health and Hospice companies for effective employment
  • Home Health and Hospice software basics
  • Challenges in Pain Management for Hospice Nurses

and much more, to increase your chances to be on top.

In conclusion, continued education is a vital component to providing patients the best possible care.

The Nursing profession benefits when we grow as individuals.

Let the desire we should give patients the best possible care be your biggest motivator in continued education.